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Our dedicated and compassionate staff has carefully planned a fantastic variety of programs for participants that strengthen the body like yoga, tai chi and chair dancing. We schedule activities that get the creative juices flowing and inspire individual expression like ceramics, arts and crafts, painting and jewelry workshops. We coordinate activities that provoke thought and focus like bingo, bridge and dominoes. We provide activities that strengthen interactions like trips to area attractions and running errands-group style. We arrange activities that educate and encourage questions like classes on senior safety, elder abuse and diabetes, and we feed the soul by providing great tasting, nutritious meals five days a week, and we meet the mobile needs of our participants by making sure they have safe comfortable, reliable transportation to get them where they need to go.
Just call us or stop by any one of our three locations and we will proudly visit with you and share information on all of the wonderful programs and services offered. We are available Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm and we will gladly walk you through the process and get you or a loved one signed up today! Call our main office at 409-770-6251.
Each community center has its own unique style and personifies the special characteristics of the extraordinary participants that have chosen to become a part of that particular center. Each community center offers a variety of programs, activities and classes that combat isolation, reduce stress and add tangible value to our participants’ lives each and every day.
In addition to programs and services offered we provide exciting special events throughout the year including parties, dances, fund raisers and day trips at each center. Most activities are offered at no cost to our participants, while some may have a minimal cost. You are always welcome to call us for more information at 409-770-6251 or stop by and meet us in person.
There are so many wonderful activities to choose from and participate in that you may have a hard time choosing. To start, just take a look at the community center nearest to where you live and click on that center’s activities calendar listed on our website to view the type of activity and the day and time that each activity is offered. You will notice that some activities are repeated several times throughout the month and some activities are offered only once during that entire month. If you need help deciding on activities to try, just call us at 409-770-6251 and we’ll discuss all of the details associated with the activities that you are interested in. We can help you plan your day, your week and even your month’s activities schedule. Our programs are carefully and creatively planned to meet the physical range of needs and diverse social interests of a growing and active older adult population. 
Please check back often as our lists of activities weave in and out throughout the year; call 409-770-6251 or email us at: 
*All activities are subject to change without notice.