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You are cordially invited to attend an exciting variety of programs, activities and classes Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm designed to meet the needs and interests of a diverse older adult community. Join us for fabulous fun, fantastic food and forever friendships at the Dickinson Community Center:
2714 Hwy 3, Dickinson, TX 77539
Main Office: 281-309-5011                                                                                           
Center Manager: Ladonna Kennie
Activity Assistant: Sue Richardson
Transportation Driver: Randy Wright 
Hours of Operation: Monday thru Friday; 8am – 5pm
Closed on county holidays
To view a calendar of programs, activities and events click here.
To view the monthly lunch menu click here.
Nutritious Lunch Program:
Monday thru Friday: Lunch is served at approximately 11:30am. Call us today to discuss how to become a registered participant of our lunch program at 281-309-5011.
Activities Offered:
Social Time: Daily at 8am. Seniors take time to discuss the events of the day, meet new friends, or just unwind. Coffee is available during this time (donations are greatly needed for coffee supplies).
Table Games/Mind in Action: Daily at 9am. Dominoes, jigsaw puzzles, cards and other board games are played at the center depending on the number of participants on any particular day. If you are not familiar with a particular game, please don’t hesitate to join us anyway. Our current center participants love to teach new players. Word searches, reading, crossword puzzles and other mind teasers are also available.
Bingo: Tuesday - Thursday from 12:30pm-2pm. Come early! Bingo players will sign in and buy their cards. Cards are 25 cents each. You win prizes off the table valued at one dollar. Everyone is invited to join in the fun!
Nickel Bingo: Friday from 12:30pm-2pm. Come early! Bingo players will sign in and buy their cards. It cost a nickel for each card, per game. Winner wins nickels collected for the game; if more than one player wins the pot is shared. (approx. 1 hour)
Mt. Olive Bible Study: Second Wednesday of each month from 11am – 1pm. This interesting class is offered the second Tuesday of the month at Mt. Olive Church and are designed to help older adults find purpose, meaning, and productiveness in their senior years. The lessons are on various subjects to help ground us in sound doctrine of the Bible. Transportation to Mt. Olive is made available through the generosity of Mt. Olive volunteers. Lunch is provided and then participants are returned to the center.
Dollar Store & Walmart: Thursday from 12:30 – 2pm. Join us as we run errands together! Participants are transported to Walmart to shop for groceries, pick up prescriptions, buy clothing or shop for other domestic items. Additional stops may be offered based on time and demand.
Froberg's Farmers Market & Ziegler’s: First Friday  of each month at 9:30am. Froberg's is the farmer's market located in Alvin. They offer a great selection of fresh produce to enhance any meal! Ziegler's is a local grocery store in Dickinson and a favorite among our seniors. These group outings are pre-planned so participants can be prepared and make their shopping lists prior to their visit. Transportation is provided and those who ride the bus will receive a 10% discount on their purchases. (approx. 1 hour)

Birthday Celebrations:
The fourth Wednesday of each month at noon. If it's your birthday month, then it’s a celebration! We celebrate our participants' birthdays by sharing cake and ice cream and singing happy birthday and bringing in a special guest for bingo!
Gentle Joints: Tuesdays at 11am. This class is appealing to older adults because it can be performed standing or sitting. It’s lead by a volunteer instructor, the activity assistant or the center manager. Gentle joint exercises can take the "ouch" out of many painful disabilities associated with arthritis or joint-replacement surgery as seniors stretch, build muscle and ease stress. (30 min)
Whole Body Workout: Mondays from 10-11am at Hometown Heroes Park.  This class was developed by the Beijing Exercise Association and involves 45 stretches/movements and breathing targeting the entire body. This class serves as an excellent warm-up for Jazzercise. We provide transportation to and from Hometown Heroes Park.
Senior Exercise at Carbide Park: Thursdays from 10-11am. Come with us and experience Texas's first "Motion Wellness System". This system is used for focused training on balance and coordination, and has activities to support ordinary daily life. The system offers a safe approach for older adults to improve and maintain their mobility, flexibility and balance skills. This safe approach will encourage independence and can be used as a fall prevention assessment and training tool.
Health Screenings and Presentations: (Check schedule for dates & times)
For more information about Dickinson Community Center please call us at 281-309-5011 or email us at