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​In 1998, Galveston County adopted the Galveston County, Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan. This plan was updated in September 29, 2003. The purpose of the update is to:

A.   Provide guidance for orderly and consistent park, recreation and open space enhancements in Galveston County.
B.   Provide guidance for the Senior Services Program, including the development of new programs and facilities.
C.   Establish priorities and recommendations for the development of new Parks and Recreation facilities, Senior Services programs and facilities, based on the community based needs analysis.
D.   Establish priorities and recommendations for improvements to existing County owned parks and senior citizen facilities, based on the community based needs analysis.

Provide recommendations and guidance for the acquisition and preservation of quality open space and wildlife habitat in Galveston County.


Role of the County in Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services
Before establishing Master Plan Goals, the County defined its role in providing Parks, Recreation and Senior Services:
1.   Focus on regional parks rather than neighborhood or community parks.
2.   Provide parks, recreation, open space amenities and senior services to residents in unincorporated areas as well as incorporated areas which do not have the resources to provide these services.

Facilitate partnerships between public agencies and private resources to deliver services, particularly with respect to senior services.


Master Plan Goals:
1.   Provide a geographic distribution of quality parks and recreation opportunities, throughout the County, to fairly serve residents of all ages and socioeconomic status.
2.   Provide park and recreation facilities and opportunities using available resources and participation from as many public and private partners as possible to avoid duplication of expenditures and resources.
3.   Develop new facilities which meet identified needs of residents to state or national standards of quality.

Acquire, protect and preserve open space and natural resource areas within Galveston County for the benefit of current and future residents.


For more information about our Master Plan, please email the Department.