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Galveston County Case ML 2005-159

This decedent was found in the carport of 2616 45th Street in Galveston on 3/17/05. The decedent was known on the street as "Little Ricky". There has been no positive identification of the decedent. No next of kin has been found.

If you have any information please contact the Galveston County Medical Examiner.



White/Male unknown age.
5'3" in tall and 92 Lbs.
He has long Grey hair and Grey facial hair.
Decedent has an appendectomy scar.
No teeth and no dentures
Rides bicycle

Decedent was wearing; white shoes, grey socks,blue jeans, blue slacks,blue jacket, grey t/shirt, pink long sleeve shirt,white thermal undershirt.

On his person he had a comb, pocket knife, 2 lighters, watch face, key chain w/ two keys, nail clipper, Kroger card, and $1.48 in change.