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Culvert Set
1.         Citizens requesting culvert installation for driveway extension or new driveway must call the Road and Bridge Department located at 5115 Highway 3 in Dickinson at (281) 534-4152 for assistance.
2.         A work order will be forwarded to the appropriate Drainage Supervisor for an on-site inspection to determine the correct dimension of pipe needed to be purchased and if the culvert is the initial driveway.
3.         The citizen will receive a call from the Drainage Supervisor informing them what size culverts are needed.
4.         After the culverts are purchased and on site where they are to be set, the citizen must come to the Road  Department office at 5115 Highway 3 in Dickinson (or to the Bolivar location on the Peninsula) to complete the permit information and pay the installation fee for work to be performed.
5.         Initial culvert installation of up to 20 linear is a fee of $258.00.
Installation of additional culverts including add-ons will be installed at $19.82 per linear foot.
A Money Order or Cashier’s Check (no cash or checks) must be made payable to the County of Galveston.
6.         A clean-out is required every 50 feet. (A clean-out is a section of the citizen’s pipe that will be set.) The citizen must inform the company they are purchasing culverts from if there will be a clean out.
7.         Manager will add new permit to the schedule of culverts to be installed.
8.         If any additional information is needed, please call the Road and Bridge Department at 281/534-4152.