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 Did you know?

There are approximately 33 personnel in the County Auditor's Office, of which three are Certified Public Accountants, and one with a Certified Information Systems Auditor certification. There are fifteen personnel with bachelor degrees and three with Masters degrees.

About the Auditor's Office

Auditor - Randall Rice, CPA, CITP, CISA, CIO, CBM, DABFA, CGMA, (409) 770-5301
The position of County Auditor is filled by appointment by the State District Judges for a term of two years. The County Auditor is the Chief Financial Officer of Galveston County. The Auditor is the Fiscal Officer for the Galveston County Community Supervision and Correction Department. The County Auditor's appointment, duties and authority are set by state law, primarily in the Local Government Code, Chapter 84.
Auditing, First Assistant to the County Auditor - Ron Chapa, BBA, CPA (409) 770-5302
Mr. Chapa is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the County Auditor's Office, Internal Audit Division. He provides technical guidance and supervision to the employees of the Auditor's Office Internal Audit Division. This division performs procedures relative to elected and appointed County Officials, external entities, financial processes and general ledger account balances. Engagements are selected for inclusion on the annual audit plan based upon the perceived level if inherent and control risk.
Accounting, First Assistant to the County Auditor - Jeff Modzelewski, BA, MA, MBA, CPA, (409) 770-5328
Mr. Modzelewski is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Accounting Division of the County Auditor's Office, providing technical and supervisory guidance to the employees thereof. The Accounting Division generates and publishes the county’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, for which it has won the Government Finance Officers Association’s Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting every year beginning with 1997.
Financial Accounting & Reporting - John Sanchez, BS, Chief Accountant, (409) 770-5344
This division is responsible for the analysis and preparation of complex accounting reports and schedules as required by the State and Federal governments. The County's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report submitted to the Government Finance Officer's Association of the United States and Canada every end of the year is prepared by this division within established policies and procedures in conformance with Government Accounting and Auditing Principles. The unaudited and unadjusted monthly financial report of the County of Galveston, Texas is also prepared by this division as required by Local Government Code 114.025.
Revenue Funds Accounting - Lauren Swift, BS, Accountant Supervisor (409) 770-5366
As a subdivision of financial accounting, this area prepares the revenue estimate for use by the Budget Office in the preparation of the annual budget, and coordinates the various elements in the tax rate adoption process. It also records cash receipts, maintains accounts receivable records and reconciles bank accounts. It also is responsible for accounting and reporting transactions associated with special revenue funds.
Grant Accounting - Troy Stringer, BS, Accountant Supervisor , (409) 770-5360
As a subdivision of financial accounting this area is responsible for accounting and reporting transactions relating to federal, state and local grants. The Department monitors compliance with reporting and certain other requirements set forth in the grant contracts and agreement.
Accounts Payable - Dianora Vargas, Accounts Payable Supervisor (409) 770-5308
The Accounts Payable Department is responsible for auditing and coding all claims submitted for payment. The claims are audited for Court approval, budget, management approvals, and all required supporting documentation.
Report Analysis and Financial System Analysis - Diane Manning, MS, CISA, Financial System and Report Specialist (409)770-5321
Ms. Manning provides analysis of the reporting needs of the Auditor's Office and analysis of the financial system in setting future direction.
Payroll and Benefits - Sylvia Friedsam - Payroll Audit Manager (409) 770-5311
As a subdivision of the Internal Audit Division, this area audits payroll information originated by each County department