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Galveston County
Community Supervision and Corrections Department




Janis Bane, Director

Dan Moore, Deputy Director


Kelly Bozeman, Court Services and Human Resources

Fran Coppola, Special Programs Supervisor

Jarvis Miller, Galveston Field Services Supervisor

Norma Villarreal, Minimum Supervision Unit Supervisor

Monica Morgan, Office Manager


Support Staff 

S. Ashby, Administrative Project Coordinator
J. Castano, Administrative Assistant, Texas City
A. Duncan, Cashier, Galveston
P. Johnson, Receptionist, Texas City
S. Maguire, Administrative Assistant, Galveston
J. McKee, Administrative Assistant, Galveston
M. Moreno, Receptionist, Galveston
M. Nesemeyer, Administrative Assistant, Minimum Supervision


Organization Chart