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Galveston County
Community Supervision and Corrections Department



Basic Supervision

Probationers placed on Community Supervision are assigned to Community Supervision Officers (CSOs) to whom they report on a determined schedule or frequency.  Probationers in Galveston County, or who have been transferred to Galveston County jurisdiction, are assigned to one of two locations, the Galveston Unit or the  Mainland (Texas City) Unit.


Galveston Field Services
Vanessa Rosemon, Supervisor
   Eric Alzafari, Assistant Supervisor

715 19th Street
Galveston, Texas    77550
Fax:  409-770-5530

J. Clay
K. Ebbs
R. Henderson
K. Parker
X. Perkins

T. West



Mainland Field Services
Garland Barrett, Supervisor
     Hayley Dickson, Assistant Supervisor

Mainland Office
2516 Texas Avenue
Texas City, Texas    77590
Fax:  409-770-5889

A. Arroyo
S. Holiday
V. Kabran​