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Galveston County
Community Supervision and Corrections Department



Court Services 

GCCSCD Court Liaison Officers (CLOs) work with Galveston County District and County Courts and the CSCD in processing new probationers.  CLOs will conduct an Intake/Orientation session with each probationer including a complete discussion of the conditions of community supervision and referrals as indicated.  Other areas covered during intake depending on and in accordance with the law may include the following:

  • Post-sentence investigation;
  • Static 99 Sex Offender Registration Assessment; or
  • Assessment of education skill level.



Court Services
Fran Coppola, Supervisor

715 19th Street
Galveston, Texas    77550
Fax:  409-770-5530


Court Services CLOs

A. Hon - 56th Court
V. Kabran - 212th Court
K. Parker - 405th Court​
K. Saunders - 10th Court
E. Shaw - 122nd Court​
T. Hilton - CC1, CC2, CC3


P. Silva
Assessment Unit
D. Davis
A. Donoho