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Galveston County
Community Supervision and Corrections Department




Minimum Supervision

Probationers placed on Community Supervision are assigned Community Supervision Officers (CSOs) to whom they report on a determined schedule or frequency.  Probationers who are designated Minimum Supervision are assigned to this unit.


Minimum Supervision

Minimum Unit Staff


L. Holder - Galveston
C. McNair - Galveston



ODL - Occupational Driver License
The Galveston County CSCD's ODL Monitoring Program is designed to provide supervision of individuals who have had their driver's licenses suspended, who have been granted Occupational Driver's Licenses, and who have been ordered to install Ignition Interlock Devices (IID) as a condition of the ODL. This program will be utilized for supervising cases referred by the Courts who are exclusively ordered to be supervised for ODL, excluding any petitioner with an ODL ordered as a condition of bond for a pending criminal case.
ODL Staff
D. Moore