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Hello, the Galveston County Museum’s Director /Curator, is grateful you are visiting this web-site! It is a very busy time at the museum; everyone is working hard towards progressive development plans needed to achieve what will be a great museum!

The museum is a ground zero start up project as the location on Market Street was lost to hurricane Ike. Presently we identify artifacts which have moved from the various locations, update the archives and museum collections and photo images. Gratefully, we have over 20,000 artifacts in collections to tell the many stories of Galveston County’s history and build outstanding exhibits. The next phase of development will consist of museum design and fabrication, which will determine a state of art museum experience. While some of the preliminary conceptual drafts are ready the supporting technology and fabrication will take time to complete. Please visit or “press” icon so we can keep you posted on the upcoming events!
Thank you,
Galveston County Museum
722 Moody Ave. Galveston, TX