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Algoa was established in 1897 along the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railway by the Blum Land Company, owned by a Galveston businessman Leon Blum. The name was inspired by a huge British cargo ship that docked in Galveston directly after the jetties and Bolivar Roads were completed making Galveston a true deep water port able to handle such large ships. Media reports claimed the ship took weeks to load and carried the largest load in history.

By 1904, Blum’s business connections arranged for Algoa to be connected to the Rio Grande Valley by the St.Louis, Brownsville and Mexican Railroad in order to load produce. Strawberries, oranges, figs, beef, and dairy cattle were also profitable. 

Algoa, the oldest of the three communities that formed Santa Fe, never became the booming railroad center once planned. It was absorbed by Santa Fe when it incorporated in 1978.

Algoa post office (closed in 1972)
Courtesy of the Santa Fe Area Historical Foundation
Van Buskirk General Merchandise Store damaged by the 1915 Hurricane
Courtesy of the Santa Fe Area Historical Foundation