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Evergreen was established in 1898 by local land owners Jim Bradford and J.H. Kipp. When they asked the U.S. Postal Service to open a post office there, they were told the name of Evergreen was already taken. Summer residents were asked to create a new name. Kemah, purportedly an Indian word meaning “facing the wind,” was chosen.

One of the earliest and most significant businesses operating in Kemah was Platzer’s Boatyard that built and repaired boats. Most every family on the bay used boats for transportation, and many docked at Kemah because the water was deeper than other areas along the bay shore. Additionally, the shell reef extending from the Kemah shoreline was the source for shell used to pave many roads throughout the county.

Source: From Arrows to Astronauts: A Short History of the Communities Surrounding Clear Creek by Delores Kenyon.


 Pauline and Frank Scholt crossing a bridge in Kemah, n.d.
Courtesy of the Kemah Historical Society