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Surveillance Truck

We have 4 surveillance trucks. 3 trucks have both larvicide units and spray units. The last truck has a larvicide unit and a pellet hopper unit instead of a spray unit. The surveillance trucks have working spray units and can be used as backup spray trucks when needed. Our surveillance trucks are used by our surveillance team.
Spray Truck
 We have several backup spray trucks and spray units. Each spray truck is equipped with GPS that allows us to track which areas have been sprayed. Our spray information is organized under a large database.
Spray Truck
 Each of the spray units is equipped with a 50 gallon tank on the right hand side. On the left side of the unit is the blower. The engine sets behind the blower. At the tip of the blower is the spray nozzle assembly. The blower directs the pesticide through the spray nozzle. The whole spray unit is mounted to the bed of the truck. Each truck is equipped with a spray indicator light (red light). It illuminates the back of the truck and allows the driver to monitor the emitted spray.
Surveillance Unit
Each surveillance truck is equipped with a surveillance unit.  3 of the 4 surveillance trucks also have spray units as seen above. The spray units on the surveillance trucks have smaller tanks then the other spray units but can still be used as back up spray trucks. The larvicide unit is placed near the rear window. It contains a 100 gallon tank to be filled with larvicide and water. It also comes equipped with a spray hose with a nozzle to dispense the larvicide.
Pellet Hopper
Instead of a spray unit a pellet hopper unit is placed on the back of a surveillance truck.  The truck contains a larvicide unit as well. The pellet unit contains a storage for pellets (a type of larvicide used) and a motor that blows the pellets out a nozzle and leco arro gun held by the surveillance inspector. An arm is placed in the back of the truck that swings out and holds a black tube with the nozzle and leco arro gun attached
Portable Spray Truck
When mosquito activity is high an additional spray tank can be placed on Bolivar Peninsula or additional areas. This allows our sprayers to have access to pesticides instead of returning back to the office to refill.
Pesticide Pump
Pumps the pesticides from the storage tanks to the tanks located on the back of the spray trucks. This allows employees to avoid contact with the pesticide while reducing spillage. The pumps also increases the speed of fill ups.