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 From Your District Attorney...


The members of the District Attorney's Office are public servants. Their job is to effectively and responsibly prosecute criminal offenses committed in Galveston County. If you have any questions about a case or the criminal justice system, please feel free to call on us.

Thank you,

Jack Roady
Criminal District Attorney
 The Galveston County Criminal District Attorney' Office represents the State of Texas in all criminal cases that arise anywhere in Galveston County. The only exceptions are low grade misdemeanors filed in Municipal Courts. Local Police Departments and the Sheriff's Department are the agencies that routinely investigate reports of criminal conduct. Criminal cases are then filed in Justice of the Peace Courts, County Courts at Law and District Courts in Galveston County. Once a case has been filed, prosecutors from the District Attorney's Office appear in these courts to represent the State of Texas and the victim of the crime.

The duty of the prosecutor is to see that justice is achieved in the case. Prosecutors also assist police agencies on the legal aspects of criminal investigations and present evidence to county grand juries in felony cases. A prosecutor is assigned to the case from the time it is filed in court until it is disposed of by plea of guilty, trial or dismissal. The District Attorney's Office will continue to handle the case if it is appealed to a higher court.

The chief prosecutor in Galveston County is the elected Criminal District Attorney, Jack Roady. Forty Assistant Criminal District Attorneys help the District Attorney handle these cases. Five District Attorney Investigators assist the prosecutors with their cases. These prosecutors and investigators are backed up by twenty-five support staff members. The District Attorney's Office is divided into various sections. Each section has distinct responsibilities.

FELONY SECTION - Phone: 409-766-2355  Fax: 409-766-2290

Prosecutes felony cases (i.e. murder, robbery, sexual assault...) where a defendant could be sent to prison or State Jail. The five District Courts have jurisdiction over felony cases.

MISDEMEANOR SECTION - Phone: 409-766-2355  Fax: 409-766-2398

Prosecutes misdemeanor cases (i.e. DWI, assault causing bodily injury...) where a defendant could be sentenced to time in the county jail. The three County Courts at Law have jurisdiction over misdemeanor and family matters.

FAMILY LAW SECTION - Phone: 409-766-2364  Fax: 409-770-6296

Prosecutes all juvenile cases, children protective service cases and family violence protective orders.

WORTHLESS CHECK SECTION - Phone: 409-766-2429  Fax: 409-766-2398

Prosecutes insufficient fund check cases.

APPELLATE SECTION - Phone: 409-766-2355  Fax: 409-766-2290

Handles all appeals to the Court of Appeals in Houston and to the Court of Criminal Appeals in Austin and related matters.

VICTIM ASSISTANCE SECTION - Phone: 409-770-5124  Fax: 409-795-2108

This section assists crime victims with questions regarding case settings, victims' rights issues, and victim compensation claims.

GRAND JURY SECTION - Phone: 409-766-2379  Fax: 409-795-2108

Presents all felony cases to Galveston County grand juries.

CHILD & ELDER ABUSE PROSECUTOR - Phone: 409-766-2355  Fax: 409-766-2290

A specially assigned assistant district attorney who handles cases where the victim is a child or an elderly person. This assistant participates in child abuse team staffing and Child Fatality Review Team meetings.


Child Abuse Prosecutor, in conjunction with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, reviews all deaths of children under 18 years of age.


The Violent Crimes Against Women prosecutor, a grant funded position, is responsible for the prosecution of our most serious offenses against women.

INVESTIGATOR SECTION - Phone: 409-766-2355  Fax: 409-766-2290

Investigators assist prosecutors in the preparation of cases for trial. They also help law enforcement agencies with case investigations.