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Civil and Criminal Courts


10th District Court


Judge Kerry L. Neves Court Coordinator: Lori Wilson​ Court Reporter: Gail Jalufka​
Phone (409)766-2230​ Fax (409) 770-5266​ ​Phone (409) 766-2231


56th District Court


Judge Lonnie Cox Court Coordinator: Kay Henson​ ​Court Reporter: Dale Lee
Phone (409)766-2226 Fax (409)770-5264​​ Phone (409)766-2227
122nd District Court


Judge John Ellisor​ ​Court Coordinator: Becky Hernandez ​Court Reporter: Judy Hansen
Phone: (409) 766-2275​ Fax (409)770-6265
Phone (409) 770-5169


212th District Court

Judge Patricia Grady​ ​Court Coordinator: JoAnn Fentanes ​Court Reporter: Jennifer Hall
​Phone: (409) 766-2266 Fax (409)765-2610 Phone (409) 766-2264
405th District Court


Judge Michelle M. Slaughter​ Court Coordinator: Dana B. Winston​ ​Court Reporter: Cylena Korkmas
​Phone: (409) 765-2688 Fax: (409) 765-2689​ ​Phone: (409) 765-2683



Family Courts
306th District Court


Judge Anne B. Darring Court Coordinator: Jaclyn Cobb-Chavez Court Reporter Mary Kate Piper
Phone (409)766-2255 Fax (409)765-2936
Phone (409)766-2254


County Court at Law #1


Judge John Grady Court Coordinator: Connie Nolan Court Reporter Bitty Erskine
Phone (409)766-2233 Fax (409)765-2641
Phone (409)766-2235


County Court at Law #2


Judge Barbara Roberts Court Coordinator: ​Jose Mejia Court Reporter Jana Fowler
Phone (409)766-2405 Fax (409)795-3034 Phone (409)766-2407
County Court at Law #3


Judge Jack Ewing​ Court Coordinator: Katherine Bush​ ​Court Reporter: Amri Davison
​Phone (409) 621-7920 ​Fax: (409) 765-3154 ​Phone: (409) 621-7921