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Galveston County Subdivision Checklist



1. Location of proposed subdivision & legal description:______________________________________
Name, address and phone of applicant, developer, or person inquiring:_____________________________________________________________________________
2. ____City which has ETJ jurisdiction.
3. ____Drainage District which has jurisdiction.
4. ____Utility District which has jurisdiction must provide written approval of proposed plat & site plans.
5. Is proposed subdivision in a Special Flood Hazard area? ______Yes_____No______Zone
____________________________Panel Number & Date
6. Is proposed development in a regulatory floodway? _______Yes______No. ______Zone
___________________Panel Number and Date. If yes, applicant must amend application to remove all
obstructions within the floodway & re-submit or proceed with "no rise” certification.
7. In which watershed does proposed subdivision lie? ______________________________
Are there proposed floodplain or floodway revisions or updates that are not currently effective? ____Yes____No
8. ____Is applicant aware that he must provide an adequate easement and drainage improvements to an adequate
outfall without adversely affecting existing conditions? (The applicants’ engineer should fully review drainage
design requirements in the subdivision regulations!) In most cases the applicant must provide mitigation for
increased run off, fill and other impacts (i.e. on site detention or other means.). Public roads can not be routed
thru private detention areas.
9. ____Minimum lot sizes are required by the Galveston County Health District for subdivisions with septic and/or
water wells.
10. Does proposed development require other permits? _________Yes________No
____Galveston County Health District waterwell/septic tank permit.
(If public water sewer, it must be verified.)
____EPA permit required? ______Yes______No______Not Sure______Applicant must verify
____COE permit required? ______Yes______No______Not Sure______Applicant must verify
____TCEQ permit required? ______Yes______No______Not Sure______Applicant must verify
____GLO: (within 1000’ of MHW or first road)
____What is B.E.G. point no.? ____
____Is subdivision in an eroding area? (erosion > 2ft/yr)
The proposed development must meet NFIP GENERAL STANDARDS?
____Utilities safe from flooding.
____Subdivision designed to minimize flood damage; including drainage.
____No encroachments-proposed action will obstruct floodwaters.
11. ____All subdivisions require the filing of a plat and compliance with the County’s Subdivision Regulations before
work begins.
12. ____Is applicant fully aware of the County Subdivision regulations and the requirements for paving, drainage &
testing, and inspection?
13. ____Applicant is responsible for paying for testing and inspection?
14. ____All road and drainage construction materials must be pre-approved and inspection and testing must be coordinated
with the County inspector before the work begins.
15. ____Bond or letter of credit required for road and drainage.
16. ____Is applicant aware of the Texas Coastal Management Plan?
Subdivision Fee________________________________________
__________________________________                                      ___________________
Applicant, Developer or Inquirer Signature                                                   Date                                           
Print Name
___________________________________                                     ____________________
Galveston County Representative Signature                                                Date
Print Name
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