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The mission of ITS is to provide quality information technology services to Galveston County.
The vision of ITS is to become the technology leader for Galveston County.
Core Values
Governing our vision, decisions and behavior are our core values. ITS embodies the following core values:
  • Honesty – communicating and acting truthfully and with fairness
  • Customer-centricity – we are here because of and to support our citizens, elected and appointed officials, and department heads and staff, to put them at the center and create a positive experience
  • Excellence – our work surpasses ordinary standards and every day we are better than the day before
  • Transparency – thoughts, feelings and motives are easily perceived and information is accessible and open to public scrutiny
  • Collaborativeness – working together closely, especially in intellectual endeavors
  • Innovativeness – introducing new ideas and being creative in our thinking to affect change and solve problems