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Welcome to the office of the Friend of the Courts. The purpose of the Friend of the Courts is to ensure that you have completed all necessary paperwork required to finalize your uncontested family law case prior to presenting it to the Judge.
Please be advised that the Friend of the Courts is not a licensed attorney and cannot, under penalty of law, provide legal advice to you regarding your case.
You must have your final orders prepared and in hand when you meet with the Friend of the Courts.
If you do not have your final orders prepared, please go to the ‘Instructions’ files to find the appropriate set of instructions for your  case type.   If you are unsure of your case type, please feel free to ask the Friend   of the Courts for assistance.
Once you have reviewed the instructions for your case type, you may search our files for the forms and/or orders needed to finalize your case. Please note, all forms are also available at, as provided by the Texas Supreme Court.
Please complete all required forms as instructed. Do not leave any blanks. You may put ‘n/a’ for not applicable, if the blank does not pertain to your specific case matters.
If you believe you have completed all the forms necessary to finalize your case, please sign in on the sign-in sheet and wait for your name to be called. Once all forms are reviewed, the Friend of the Courts will sign off on your checklist and provide you with instructions for finalizing your case before the Judge.
Click here for Friend of the Courts Checklist