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1. Capital Murder
2. Attempted Capital Murder
3. Murder
4. Aggravated Robbery
5. Felony Deadly Conduct
6. Aggravated Kidnapping
7. Aggravated Assault Against a Peace Officer, Public Servant, or Witness or Informant
8. All Felony Sexual Offenses against Adult or Children, including Sexual Performance by Child
9. Indecency with a Child
10. First Degree Felony Delivery, Manufacture, or Possession of a Controlled Substance
11. Intentional or Reckless Injury to a Child, Elderly or Disabled Person
12. Harassment by Stalking
13. Misdemeanor assaults involving Family Violence when defendant has two prior arrests for Family Violence*
14. Violation of a Protective Order
15. Felony Offenders with a prior felony conviction including prior felony probation
16. Felony Offenders presently out on bond on a felony charge
17. Offenders charged with a felony or misdemeanor that involves gang activity
18. Offenders who are arrested on a bond forfeiture
19. Offenders who have been extradited back to Texas
20. Persons placed on a Peace Bond
21. Persons who do not reside with the counties of the 2nd Administrative District (Galveston-Houston area)
22. Cases that for one reason or another indicate that the offender is an above average flight risk
23. Contempt for non-payment of child support
24. Offenders who failed to appear in court
25. Pending collection of fees
26. Persons in jail on out of county charges
27. Other-Example: to be used for “NoPTR”, Federal Hold, etc.
28. Chose other bondsman/cash bond waiver/served sentence
29. Persons arrested on a Motion to Adjudicate and/or Revoke Felony Probation
30. Intoxication Manslaughter
31. Felony Assault – Family Violence
32. Offenders currently out on bond for felony non-bailable offenses listed in items 01 through 31 hereinabove
*When a bailable Family Violence has been made, PTR will not make the bond until the expiration of 24 hours from the time of the defendant’s arrest.
Note: All references made to felonies include State Jail Felonies
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