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Galveston County has experienced a growing demand for use of park facilities for commercial purposes including fitness classes, boot camps, sports instruction and food trucks (mobile food and beverage vendors). In order to effectively manage the commercial use of park facilities, the Parks & Cultural Services Department has established a Commercial Use of Park Facilities Policy & Fees procedure. The goal of this policy is to promote successful partnerships between public park users and commercial entities, while ensuring the safety of all. The policy and fees have been approved by the Galveston County Commissioners’ Court.

Commercial use includes anyone who sells food or beverage in a Galveston County park that is not part of a permitted public/special event; and anyone who offers education or instruction for which a fee is collected by the organizer, producer or sponsor. Commercial use purposes include, but are not limited to, exercise classes, fitness boot camps, instructional classes, dog training, tennis instruction, horseback riding instruction, personal training, organized camps/sport camps, mobile food or beverage vendors, etc. The individual/business/organization may not operate in any county owned park until a commercial use permit is issued.


Contact the Parks & Cultural Services Department via email; call 409-934-8102 to request an application; or visit our office Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm.