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​Company Picnics and Corporate Events
Galveston County has a variety of parks with indoor and outdoor facilities to help you plan a memorable and fun event for your employees to celebrate achievements, boost morale and show your employees you appreciate their hard work. Our parks are a great way to get everyone together outside of the workplace to bond with their coworkers and family!

Outdoor facility prices for company picnics and corporate events are based on the projected number of attendees. Pricing is listed below.
Fees (Per Day, Per Outdoor Facility)
100 or less
101-300 persons
301-500 persons
501-1,500 persons
1,501-5,000 persons
5,001 or more persons
We offer the following outdoor facilities (for a complete list of amenities at each park and pictures, please view the park listing section of our website):
Bayshore Park - Pavilion
Carbide Park - North Pavilion, Basketball Pavilion, Senior Playground Pavilion or BBQ Shed
Elva Lobit Park - Pavilion
Gregory Park - Pavilion
Noble Carl Park - Pavilion
Fort Travis - Pavilion
Jack Brooks Park - Live Oak, Highlands and Veterans Memorial Pavilions
Paul Hopkins Park - Pavilion
Runge Park - Pavilion
Walter Hall Park - BBQ Shed, North, and  South Pavilions 
Indoor Facility Pricing is based on the facility selected. Please review our
Company Picnic Application.pdfCompany Picnic Application.pdf for pricing information.
Would you like an indoor and outdoor space? No problem! Contact our Rental Permits Supervisor, Martha Lee today for available dates and assistance selecting a facility to accomodate your needs
at 409-934-8102 or via email. 
All files require Adobe Reader