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Reservations for all parks and indoor facilities can be made in person at our offices located at 4102 Main Street (FM 519), La Marque, TX 77568. Galveston County Parks & Cultural Services Department – Administrative Office is located inside the Wayne Johnson or by submitting your rental application to program-info
Walter Hall Park in League City has been closed to the public, starting January 19, 2021, through June 2021 as the County prepares the park to become a potential mass COVID-19 vaccination site.
While the park is closed, check out the many other outdoor recreation opportunities available at the numerous other parks in the Galveston County park system.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
Additional Information: 
For more information on the parks and facilities, call the Parks Recreation Office at (409) 9334-8101 or contact us via email.
Applications for private events:

 Outdoor Park Pavilions Available for Rental:  
  • Carbide Park
           - North Pavilion, BBQ Hut, Basketball Pavilion, Senior Playground Pavilion
  • Jack Brooks Park
           - Live Oak Pavilion, Highlands Pavilion, Veterans Memorial Pavilion
  • Runge Park Quonset Pavilion
  • Paul Hopkins Park Pavilion
  • Elva Lobit Park Pavilion (currently unavailable)
  • Bayshore Park Pavilion
  • Walter Hall Park
           - BBQ Shed, North Pavilion, Gazebo, South Pavilion
  • Fort Travis Park Pavilion
  • Gregory Park Pavilion
  • Noble Carl Park Pavilion
Indoor Facilities Available for Rental:
  • Bayside Community Center (Capacity 175)
  • Dickinson Community Center (Capacity 100)
  • Pioneer House (Capacity 50)
  • Wayne Johnson Community Center (Capacity 300)
  • Runge Community Center (Capacity 120)
  • Walter Hall Banquet Hall (Capacity 300)
  • Walter Hall Upstairs Meeting Room (Capacity 25)
  • Joe Faggard Meeting Room (Capacity 20)
Covered and Uncovered Arenas:
 For all events that wish to utilize the followinf facilities, please submit
  • Jack Brooks Park - Covered and Uncovered Arena
  • Runge Park - Covered and Uncovered Arena 
Events Open to the Public/Special Events or Company/Church/School Picnics :

For first-time special event applicants, company, school, or church picnics we recommend scheduling a meeting with our Rentals Manager, Martha Lee prior to completing an application. Please email: to schedule an appointment.
Fort Travis Seashore Park - Cabanas 
The cabanas at Fort Travis Seashore Park have been converted to three picnic areas and are now open daily on a first-come, first serve basis;
overnight camping is not allowed.