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Did you mean eviction?
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TABLE OF CONTENTSGalveston County, Texas Table of Contents A. Introduction and Overview Page Table of Contents … K-20Page Intentionally Left Blank A -INTRODUCTION Galveston County, Texas …
Authors: Badger, Joseph Date: 1/17/2013 Size: 3MB duplicates

CONTROL AND PREVENTION’S TEMPORARY HALT IN EVICTIONS TO PREVENT FURTHER SPREAD OF COVID-19 … at the end of this temporary halt on evictions on December 31, 2020, my housing provider may …
Authors: Sharepoint Administrator, Bronson Tucker Date: 9/21/2020 Size: 162KB'S DECLARATION FORM (1).pdf

Legal Advice, Consult an Attorney at Law EVICTIONS To file an eviction suit, the first thing …
Authors: Sharepoint Administrator, Feth_J Date: 1/13/2015 Size: 25KB duplicates

Authors: Sharepoint Administrator, Shelley, Amber Date: 5/17/2018 Size: 15MB Budgets/ProgramBudget2017.pdf

RFP for an Enterprise Management System & Implementation Services … 3.1 3.1.2 Project Time Frame … 3.1 3.1.4 Submission Instructions … 3.1 3.1.5 Proposal Due Date … 3.2 3.2.1 County of Galveston …
Authors: System Account, Sandy Dufour Date: 1/18/2013 Size: 3MB ENTERPRISE ECMS RFP.pdf

Photograph on front cover: “Salt grass and Sage” at Galveston Island State Park, Texas. Galveston Island State Park is located on Galveston Island in the southern-most part of …
Authors: Sharepoint Administrator, Information Technology Date: 1/4/2021 Size: 16MB Program Budget Book 2021.pdf

Web Page
JP1 Home … Evictions … Small Claims … Wedding Information … Traffic Information … Criminal Information … Civil and Other Information
Authors: Sharepoint Administrator Date: 5/16/2013 Size: 1KB Site Content/JP1FlyOut.html

Web Page
Judicial & Law Enforcement … JP8 Home … Maps … Evictions … Small Claims … Debt Claims … Wedding Information … Traffic Information … Repair & Remedy … Costs & Fees … Issuance of Bad Checks
Authors: Sharepoint Administrator Date: 7/12/2013 Size: 2KB 81 Site Content/JP8-1FlyOut.html

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1 … the cases filed were non-traffic misdemeanors. Evictions made up 25.9% and debit claims made …
Authors: McWhirter, Lori, Randall Rice Date: 6/8/2020 Size: 1MB 1 Audit Report FY20.pdf

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2 … misdemeanors made up 30.7% and evictions made up 14.5%.  Bank deposits fluctuated from …
Authors: McWhirter, Lori Date: 6/8/2020 Size: 375KB 2 Audit Report FY20.pdf