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Senate Bill 2 requires that County Tax Assessor Collectors publish five years of no new revenue and voter approval rates for all governments in a County.  Additionally, tax assessors and governments are required to post notices of public hearings online.  This page includes all items and will be updated as information is received during the 2020 assessment phase (tax rate calculation and adoption process).

Also included for the convenience of entity collection partners and interested members of the public are the 2020 Preliminary Roll totals by entity type and 2019 Certified Rolls for each entity.   Information will be posted in alphabetical order by entity type or name.  Tax rates from 2014 through the most current available are also shown below.

If you have questions, please call me (409-765-3277) or Ms. Erma Evans, Chief Deputy of Property Tax & Administration at 409-766-2476.
                                Cheryl E. Johnson, PCC, Galveston County Tax Assessor Collector
2020 Truth in Taxation Worksheets for Entities (blank)
2020 Effective Tax Rate Worksheets by Entity (alphabetical)
 Calculations will be posted beginning in August.
Notices of Public Hearings to Propose or Adopt 2020 Tax Rate
Notices for the 2020 tax year will be published beginning in August.
Five Year Truth in Taxation Rate Report 2014 through 2019
The below file summarizes all Galveston County government Truth in Taxation rates and is posted here, on this website homepage and on the County homepage.
Five Years of Truth in Taxation Worksheets (calculations)
2020 Appraisal Roll (available July 28)