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2015 - Legislative Activities
With the deadline for filing bills behind us, I am pleased to report that your County Tax Office has 14 on the table with two others very similar to our proposals AND another 12 that support our policy positions (which by the way came from the voters and property owners of Galveston County).   I am pleased to report that the Lt. Governor is staying true to his promises and has insured tax relief is the first topic of the day with Senate Bill 1 already having a hearing in Senate Finance.
2015 - Property Tax Deadline Looms!
The deadline to make property tax payments without penalty and interest is extended this year to February 2nd since January 31st falls on a weekend giving you just a couple of extra days to hold onto your money!  Traditionally two branches of the Galveston County Tax Office have extended hours on the last day to pay timely; however, this year hours will be extended in the Galveston and League City branches from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, January 30th.  All other offices (Santa Fe, Texas City and Friendswood Satellite offices) will be open normal operating hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
...Beginning in January, the Crystal Beach Satellite Office will be open 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (the third Tuesday).  Office is closed from Noon to 1:00 p.m. for lunch.
2014 - County Tax Statement is in the Mail
Statements for over 192,000 properties will arrive in a variety of fashions beginning this week.  Over 118,000 will arrive in area mailboxes and the balance in electronic format to mortgage companies and email addresses.  In all, $400M is due to Galveston County governments for the 2014 tax year, roughly the same amount as 2013.
2014 - Volunteer Deputy Registrar Update
The Galveston County Tax Office has been providing mandatory training each month for those interested in serving as Volunteer Deputy Registrars (VDRs).  VDRs work in partnership with County Voter Registrars assisting citizens with voter registration.  Certifications expire in December of even numbered years thus those attending training for the remainder of 2014 will be certified only through December 2014, therefore classes for November and December will not be held due to the limited time for a new VDR to register voters.
2014 - Deadline to Register for November Election
Are you fulfilling your civic duty and voting?  Whether a Constitutional, primary, general or local election, voting is both a right and a duty and with the November mid-term election right around the corner, you have until October 6th to either register or update your address information with the Voter Registration Department of the Galveston County Tax Office (GCTO).
2014 - Butterflies in the Tax Office
When I ran for County Tax Assessor Collector, I promised to improve service, reduce cost and fight for property tax relief.  I arrived January 3, 2005, to discover a backlog of tax payments (that took four months to post) and motor vehicle registration renewals (that took six weeks to process).  With all hands on deck, we got to work and began a culture of change.
2014 - 10 Years of Facts and Figures
The Galveston County Tax Office team is celebrating 10 years of change under my leadership.  This is the first in a series of articles intended to celebrate our on-going race for quality.
2014 Last Installment Payment Due July 31st
Senior, disabled persons and disabled vets, along with those participating in disaster installments need to mail that final installment payment no later than July 31st.  Missed installments incur 6% penalty and 1% interest if not postmarked by that date. 
2014 TNT Is About You
For those new to Texas or unfamiliar with how our taxes work, we have a two legged stool to support government - sales and use taxes and property taxes.
2014 Last Day to Split Pay & Last Call for Pay Agreements
Property owners that participated in the split or half payment option to pay 2013 taxes need to take note that the second and final payment is due (or must be postmarked) by June 30th to avoid costly penalties and interest.
2014 May Delinquent Notices in the Mail
Senior, disabled persons and disabled vets, along with those participating in disaster installments need to be aware that the third party payment is due by Monday, June 2nd, in order to avoid hefty penalty and interest charges.
TxDMV Puts Brakes on Title Fraud
The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles issued a press release urging Texans, "Don't Buy a Wreck.  Do a Title Check: online at its website (   See the TxDMV May 12, 2014 Release
If you are considering purchasing a vehicle, take a few extra minutes and protect yourself by going online to the TxDMV website......
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2014 Last Day to Register for Primary Run-Off
Local elections are right around the corner followed immediately by the primary run-off election scheduled for May 27th.  If not registered or if you recently moved, you have until Monday, April 28th to register or update your address.
2014 Handbook - Effectively Protest Your Property Value
2014 Effectively Protest Your Property Value Classes
The real estate market has been relatively strong over the last couple of years so expect to receive a "love letter" from the appraisal district this year.  Need a little less love?  Attend one of the free "Effectively Protest Your Property Value" classes.
2014 Schedule Change for April Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar Class
The Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar (VDR) training typically held the third Friday of each month will be conducted one week early in April (Friday, April 11) due to Galveston County's scheduled closure April 18th in observance of Good Friday.
2014 Neighborhood Comparison Worksheet
This worksheet is designed to be used with Microsoft Excel. If you would like to obtain a copy of this file please click the link below and one will be sent.
2014 Important Property Tax & Voter Deadlines Approaching
Seniors, disabled persons, disabled veterans and those participating in disaster payments must make their second installment payment on 2013 property taxes no later than March 31st in order to avoid costly penalty and interest.  Coupons were recently mailed to participating property owners for all remaining payments.  Those participating in the split or half payment option will receive their second payment coupon in April for the June 30th payment. 
2014 New Delinquent Tax Notices Hitting Area Mailboxes
The "February Friendly Reminder" notices sent for the last seven years by the Galveston County Tax Office are now a thing of the past.  Thanks to passage of HB 1597 during the last Legislative Session, those who have either not yet paid their property taxes (or whose payment we had not received or posted as of last Friday) will soon receive a letter from the Galveston County Tax Office informing them of the possible delinquency but more importantly, providing information on what to do now to limit the pain associated with high penalty and interest charges.
2014 Voter Registration Deadline Monday for Those Voting in the March Primary
With the primary election right around the corner and most races being decided in the primary this year, it is time to validate that all information on your new voter registration certificate is accurate.  If not registered or if you recently moved, you have until Monday, February 3rd to register or update your records.
2014 TABC Services Change
The Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission has taken final steps to implement Senate Bill 1035 which passed in teh 83rd Legislative Session.  This legislations moves responsibility for the collection of TABC beer permitting fees to the State effective February 1, 2014.
2013 Although Property Tax Deadline Looms - You Have Options!
For the vast majority of Texas property owners, Friday January 31, 2014, is the last day to pay 2013 taxes without penalty and interest.  Following the tradition of the last nine years, the Galveston and League City branches of the Galveston County Tax Office (GCTO) will be open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on January 31st.  The Santa Fe, Texas City and Friendswood Satellite office will be open normal operating hours of 8 am to 5 p.m.
2013 Pay Half Now - Half Later with Split Pay
Galveston County property owners wishing to pay property taxes half now - half later, have until December 2nd to have that first payment postmarked in order to avoid penalty and interest on the second half which is due by June 30, 2014.
Thinking outside the box to meet fiscal challenges
Another cost saving idea for government
2013 November Volunteer Deputy Registrar Training Date
The Galveston County Tax Office has been providing mandatory training each month for those interested in serving as Volunteer Deputy Registrars (VDRs).
2013 County Tax Statement is in the Mail
Nearly 150,000 tax statements for 2013 property taxes will be arriving in mailboxes this week.
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2013 Galveston County Tax Office Newsletter
Information concerning tax statements, payment methods, Property Tax Seminars, contact information...
2013 Voter Registration Deadline for Those Voting in the November 5th Constitutional Election
Whether a Constitutional, primary, general or local election, voting is a right that you need to exercise.  With a Constitutional Election just around the corner, it is time to pull out your voter certificate and validate everthing is current.  If changes need to be made, you have until Monday, October 7th to do so.
2013 County Tax Office Establishes New Partnerships
The Galveston County Tax Office is constantly examining ways to reduce cost while expanding services to its customers - citizens and governments.  Consolidation of services such as property tax collections has the potential of saving cities, school districts and other entities thousands of dollars in collection costs....
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2013 Deadline for Property Tax E-Statements September 15th
If everyone in Galveston County signed up for emailed tax statements, the county would save over $60,000 each year... September 15th is the deadline to sign up to receiver your county tax statement via email...
2013 Fourth & Final Installment Payment Due by July 31st!
Property owners participating in the Senior/Disabled Person installment payment option, please take note!  The final installment payment must be postmarked no later than Wednesday, July 31st to avoid penalties and interest.
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2013 Standards for Tax Professionals
Time is running out for the Legislature to make a simple correction on an unintended consequence of a bill that passed in the Regular Session that could impact every property owner in Texas and thousands of local governments.