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Due to a high number of consumer complaints regarding contractor scams throughout the County, I have updated the Attorney General Complaint Form below.  You may also file a complaint online at the link below: 
2020 – Johnson Speaker at County Auditor Conference
Galveston County Tax Assessor Collector, Cheryl E. Johnson, will be a speaker at the January 2020 Bi-Annual Texas Association of County Auditors On the Road Training Conference to be held January 16 and 17th in Kemah.
Johnson’s Topic, “What to Expect with Truth-N-Taxation Changes” will address the multitude of legislative changes that will impact Texas local governments over the next two years.
2019 – Deadline Eminent for First Half of Split Payment!
Galveston County property owners wishing to take advantage of the split/half payment option have until December 2nd to make the first payment (normal November 30 deadline falls on Saturday), with the second half due (without penalty and interest) June 30, 2020. All but two GCTO government partners (City of Dickinson and Dickinson ISD) participate in this payment option.
Payment may be mailed but do not wait until December 2nd as all mail in Galveston County is typically sent to the USPS North Houston Distribution Center for postmarks and this typically results in a one day delay if not dropped in the mailbox before the last pick-up of the day.  Also, we continue to experience delays as that Center suffered extensive damage during the September storms.
2019 – County Tax Office Eminent Deadlines & Announcements
Electronic Tax Statements – Common Sense and Saves Cents! 
The deadline to sign up to receive 2019 property tax statement via electronic mail (email) is September 16th.  Visit the GCTO website at and click the large red button to search for your account(s).  At the account homepage, scroll to the bottom and click on Register to Receive Electronic Tax Statements.  This feature is especially beneficial for anyone who recently purchased a property or refinanced.
Truth in Taxation Notices Released
Truth-in-taxation is embodied in the Texas Constitution and requires local governments to make property owners aware of tax rate proposals and provide an opportunity to attend public hearings and voice their opinion about government spending.
2019  GCTO Presented State Award
The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Executive Management Team presented the Galveston County Tax Office with the Silver Performance Award Monday, August 5, 2019, in the Galveston Branch office. 
2019 - Final Quarter Payment Due
The last day for disaster, senior, disabled person, disabled veteran and spouses of disabled veterans to make their final quarter instalment for 2018 property taxes is July 31st.  Payments may be mailed or left in GCTO drop boxes located outside of all branch locations (and behind Friendswood City Hall), paid online ( via electronic check ($1 bank fee) or credit card (2.5% merchant fee) or credit card via telephone (toll free) at 1-866-865-1433 (English) or 1-866-865-1435(Spanish).
2019 - Don’t Miss The Second Half of Split Pay!
The last day to pay 2018 taxes without penalty and interest for those participating in half/split pay (first half no later than November 30th and second half by June 30th) is July 1st (whenever a deadline falls on a holiday or weekend, it is extended to the next business day).  Coupons for these payments were mailed May 15th.  If you did not receive the coupon, call the Property Tax Department for the amount remaining or go online to

Those having difficulty paying 2018 property taxes will also have until July 1st to establish a payment agreement in order to avoid the 15% to 20% delinquent attorney fees that will be added July 2nd.  Partial payments of taxes are accepted and penalties, interest, and fees will only apply on the unpaid balance. ​ 

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2019 - Deadlines & County Tax Office News

The last day for disaster, senior, disabled person and disabled veteran third quarter installment for 2018 property taxes is May 31st.  The second half of the split or half payment installment is due July 1st.  Split payment coupons were mailed May 15th so be on the lookout. 

Those having difficulty paying 2018 property taxes or who have missed an installment payment will receive a delinquent notice before the end of the month.  Tax Assessor/Collector Cheryl E. Johnson urges property owners to pay the delinquent taxes by July 1st in order to avoid delinquent attorney fee that will be added July 2nd 

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2019 - Galveston County Tax Office receives the coveted TxDMV 
Silver Performance Quality Award

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) established the Performance Quality Recognition Program to recognize county tax assessor collectors that go above and beyond in complying with Texas laws, rules and procedures and that provide exceptional customer service.  There are three levels of performance – Bronze, Silver and Gold. ​ 




2019 Protest Your Value Class Schedule!

2019 Effectively Protest Your Property Value class schedule is shown below!  Mark your calendars!  Protest booklet and spreadsheet also included.



April 25th         Effectively Protest Value Class, United Way Training Facility, 2800 Texas
                          Avenue in Texas
City starting at 9 am


 April 30th        Effectively Protest Value Class, League City Council Chambers, 200 West
                          Walker in League
City starting at 6 pm


 May 2nd           Effectively Protest Value, Learning Resource Center (Room L-131), College of
Mainland, 1200 Amburn Road in Texas City starting at 6 pm


 May 7th            Effectively Protest Value Class, Commissioner Courtroom 2nd floor County
722 Moody in Galveston starting at 6 pm


 May 15th          Deadline to call to schedule protest meeting, mail protest form or file online
                           protest at
County Appraisal District



2019.Protest Worksheets.xlsx2019.Protest Worksheets.xlsx



2019 Protest Handbook Online Version Full Version With Protest Handbook Online Version Full Version With

2019-VDR Class Rescheduled in April
Galveston County offices will be closed Friday, April 19, 2019, in observance of Good Friday.  The Volunteer D​eputy Registrar (VDR) class has be​en rescheduled for Friday, April 26, 2019.  The training will be begin at 2:00 p.m. in the Commissioners Courtroom, Galveston County Courthouse, 722 Moody Avenue in Galveston.


2019 - Tax & Voter Registration Deadlines Approaching
Don’t miss the following important property tax and voter registration deadlines as well as the 2019 Effectively Protest Your Property Value class schedule.  Mark your calendars!
April 1st         
Second Installment deadline for 2018 property taxes for seniors, disabled persons,
disabled  vets, surviving spouses of disabled vets and those taking advantage of disaster
2019 – Help for 2018 Property Taxes
 February delinquent notices arrived in area mailboxes last week.  Thanks to legislation passed several years ago, homeowners unable to pay their property taxes in full may sign up for a low penalty payment agreement with the tax assessor collector.  Additionally, qualified seniors, disabled persons, disabled vets, spouses of disabled vets and those still recovering from Hurricane Harvey may pay 7% penalty and interest on one-fourth of the 2018 levy by February 28th and sign up for quarter installment payments. 
For those paying the 7% penalty and interest to establish quarter installments and those whom have already paid at least one-fourth, the remaining three coupons and return envelopes will be mailed within the next two weeks.  The second installment must be postmarked by April 1, third by May 31 and final one-fourth by July in order to be timely.


2018 Avoiding Tax Gaffes
Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you will make certainly one of the largest investments.  This presentation will guide you through the property tax process and help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a Texas property owner. 
Be advised, this file requires the Microsoft Powerpoint software be installed on your computer.