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The Galveston County Tax Office (GCTO) assesses, collects and disburses property taxes for nearly half of the governmental entities in the County (see listing below) which means, depending on where you live, statements may be mailed to you by multiple governments and even multiple counties.  

For example, GCTO collects for the Cities of Friendswood and League City and both are located in both Harris and Galveston Counties; so, if you live on the Harris County side of Friendswood, you will receive a tax statement from GCTO for the City of Friendswood taxes and then other statements from CCISD and the Harris County Tax Office.  Some may also receive a statement for MUD taxes from private tax collection firms.  To find out who you may owe taxes to, look up your account on the Harris ( or Galveston ( Appraisal Districts websites.  A complete listing of all taxing jurisdictions that you are responsible to pay property taxes to are included with the CAD account information. 


Property Tax Basics in Texas

Property taxes in Texas are based on the January 1 market value of your property as determined by the county appraisal district (CAD). The CAD handles all ownership, exemption and value information on your property. Under State law, appraisal districts make all changes to property records and certifies or provides the information to tax assessor collectors thus if you have an address correction, although we will provide it to the proper appraisal district as a courtesty, it will make the change and provide it to each tax office.
Each spring, CADs issue notices of appraised value, typically in April. You have until May 15th (or 30 days after the date of the notice whichever is later) to protest the value.  Please check our forms page for a copy of the booklet, Effectively Protesting Taxes.pdf for additional information on the protest process and attend classes held each April and May.
After the appraisal roll is certified, local governments adopt budgets and tax rates - typically during the latter part of the summer. During the month of October, we produce tax statements and mail them to property owners and mortgage companies.  For the first time in many years, GCTO mailed to both property owners and mortgate companies due to a high number of mortgage refinancing. 
IF THE WRONG MORTGAGE COMPANY REQUESTS YOUR STATEMENT, DELINQUENCIES COULD OCCUR!!!  We strongly encourage you to sign up to receive an electronic statement if you pay off a mortgage to insure you receive the bill.  Otherwise - check our website (click on large red button on our homepage to access your account) November 1st to obtain an online statement or pay online.
Property taxes are delinquent February 1 (unless January 31st falls on a weekend).   Unless you are taking advantage of a payment option (split or half pay or quarter payments - meaning the total amount is divided by four), payments postmarked AFTER January 31st will incur hefty penalties and interest.  
Having a hard time paying the property taxes on your homestead?  Sign up for a low penalty payment agreement after February 1st.  To avoid the burden of delinquent attorney fees added July 1st, set up a payment agreement anytime after the delinquency date.  Call the Property Tax Department (409) 766-2481 for additional information.
Payment Methods & Options
You have several methods of paying property taxes in Galveston County:
1.   Sign-up online for emailed tax statement and help us help you save money!  Then pay via online via electronic check or with credit card.  PLEASE NOTE:  GCAD eliminated the letter before the 6-digit account number so be sure that your bank account information reflects the proper account number.  
2.   Mail (use envelope included with statement).  Postmarks are everything to us!  Make certain the date you drop it in the box leaves time for a timely USPS postmark!
3.   Drop in one of the marked boxes outside all but our Crystal Beach office location
4.   Come in person—we love seeing our customers!
Payment options include: 
  • Homesteads of seniors, disabled persons, disabled  veterans, spouses of a disabled veteran or Governor declared disaster victims may be eligble to make four equal installments (by January 31, by March 31, May 31, and July 31) without penalty and interest.  If in doubt, call us.   
  • Split or half pay—for all but Dickinson and Dickinson ISD, you may divide your bill by two and, as long as the first half is paid by November 30th, the second half is not due until June 30th (unless it falls on a weekend then the next business day) without penalty and interest!
  •  Can’t pay—call for a payment agreement.  We may be able to save you excessive penalties and interest on your unpaid balance!
E-Statements - Participate in Reducing the Cost of Government
Each year you may sign up to receive your property tax statement(s) via electronic mail (email) but must do so by September 15th.  Click the large red button on the homepage, locate your account(s) and scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up.  Once you are signed up for e-statements you will receive a statement via email automatically every year.  In order to remove your request or update your email address please email us at
Important Property Tax Deadlines are included at the Tax Office Events tab!
Request for Waiver of Penalty & Interest  
Residence Homestead/Over 65/Disabled Person Application 
Tax Deferral - Seniors and disabled persons are eligible to defer their property taxes which means they may be paid (once deferral approved) and if not, interest per year is added to the unpaid balance.
Change of Name or Address Forms
    GCAD Name and address change.pdfGCAD Name and address change.pdf                     HCAD Name and address change.pdfHCAD Name and address change.pdf
Military Waiver
GCTO Government Tax Collection Partners (note Clear Lake Shores has zero property taxes)
Consolidated tax assessment and collection services saves property owners money.  We charge less than $0.26 per parcel to assess and collect taxes for Galveston County governments and $1.01 per parcel for partners with boundaries in Harris County such as the cities of Friendswood and League City.  If your governments are not included in the listing below - ask them why not - our services are less than their cost to mail the bill!
   Galveston County & County Road & Flood
   All Cities (Bayou Vista, Dickinson, Friendswood, Galveston, Hitchcock, Jamaica Beach, Kemah, League City,
        League City, Santa Fe, Texas City, Tiki Island)
   Dickinson ISD
   Galveston ISD
   High Island ISD
   Hitchcock ISD
   College of the Mainland
   Galveston College
   Bacliff MUD
   Bayview MUD
   Emergency Services District #1
   Emergency Services District #2
   GC Drainage District #1
   GC Drainage District #2
   GC Fresh Water Supply District #6
   GC MUD #12
   GC Navigation District #1
   San Leon MUD
   Tara Glen MUD 
   WCID #1
   WCID #12
   WCID #19
   Westwood Management District
   Delinquent Taxes for Crystal Beach, MUD #1, MUD #2, MUD #3, MUD #29, SH MUD 3, SH MUD #6 and
      the State of Texas
2018 Truth in Taxation Notices for Assessment & Collector Partners Listed Above
Although it seems Truth in Taxation is anything but, its legislative purpose is to insure the public has access to and knowledge of the actions of their local governments.  With that in mind, we are including the public meeting or hearing notices for each of our partner governments below.  After all rates have been set, we will also include the five year summary of rates also required to be published on each Texas County website.
Cheryl E. Johnson, PCC
Galveston County Tax Assessor Collector