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Sheriff Sale Information
Date & Time of Sale:        First Tuesday of every month at 10 a.m.
Location:                                          Commissioners Court Room, Galveston County Courthouse 1st floor,
                                                                     722 Moody, Galveston, Texas
Properties are advertised 21 days prior to the sale in The Post and are listed on bulletin boards at County offices.  Detailed listings may be viewed or copy purchased ($0.10 per page) at all Galveston County Tax Offices.  The listing is posted each month at (under the Sheriff Sale Information tab at the bottom of the page).  To be added to the Sheriff Sale Monthly Distribution List, email
Sheriff Sales are open to the public.  Those wishing to participate in the bidding process must register or check in prior to the sale to obtain a bidder number.  Absentee bidding is NOT permitted. Successful bidders must remit full payment on sale day no later than 4:00 pm in the form of cash, cashier’s check, or money order (payable to Galveston County Sheriff’s Office). Financing is NOT available.  Properties not sold at auction are struck off to one of the taxing entities (see Resale of Struck Off Properties below).

Successful bidders must present a Certificate of Eligibility and a $30.00 money order or cashier’s check payable to the Galveston County Clerk to the Sheriff’s Department in order for the deed to be prepared and recorded.  Buyers will receive a copy of the deed once it is filed.  Additional information may be obtained by contacting Captain Douglas Hudson, Galveston County Sheriff’s Department, at (409) 766-2401.  Certificate Applications are available at all Tax Offices, included with all Sheriff Sale packets, and posted on our website.  A $10.00 processing fee is required with each Certificate Application. 
Redemption Periods & Fees
Redemption periods begin the date the deed is recorded.  Homestead and agricultural exempt properties may be redeemed up to two (2) years from deed recording.  All other properties may be redeemed within six (6) months of recording.   Redemption fees due buyer follow:
Homestead or Ag:      First Year:        Price of Sale + 25%                       All Others:     Six Months:        Price of Sale + 25%
                             Second Year:  Price of Sale + 50%
Resale of Struck Off Properties
Properties not sold at the auction are struck off to a taxing entity and sold by a resale committee. Contact either delinquent law firm for additional information on these property sales.  Bid forms are required.
Linebarger, et al                            409-948-3401
Perdue Brandon, et al                        800-833-5886
Other Legal Matters to Consider When Purchasing Property at Tax Sales
1.    All properties—whether sold at the Sheriff Sale or Resale are sold “as is” with regard to title and physical condition of the property.  If you have questions, consult your attorney. 
2.    Bidders or buyers of Sheriff Sale or Resale property are strongly encouraged to do their own title research before bidding or purchasing property at delinquent tax sales.
3.    Property taxes may be due outside of the years included in the Sheriff Sale.  Be certain to do your homework!
4.    For information about qualifying post judgment tax write offs please contact the Property Tax Department at
409-766-2481 or toll free at 1-877-766-2284.
5.  Properties are frequently removed from a sale.  Contact the Property Tax Department for cancellations.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  Mortgage foreclosure information is available for review at the Office of the County Clerk.
                                                  Copies are $1/page.  Galveston County is not involved in these sales.
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