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According to the Texas Comptroller's website, unclaimed property in excess of $2 billion has been returned to its rightful owners in recent years.  

At the Galveston County Tax Office we are renewing our commitment to do the same!

Changes in ownership, value and exemption status along with overpayments and clerical errors results in an abundance of refunds each month.  The vast majority make it to the rightful owner fairly quickly but many make their way back to our office because the recipient has moved or a new address has not been provided either to our office or the county appraisal district. 

returned mail2.png

We have begun a monthly process of researching returned refund checks.  When we are unable to, with certainty, identify a better address for a recipient, the refund will be added to the pdf file included below.  Check the site each month for updates if you are a current or former owner of property in Galveston County or the City of Friendswood and League City (we collect for both cities and their boundaries extend into two counties). 

If you or a family member own or owned one of the properties listed in the year shown, complete the application also shown below including documentation to support your claim or send an email to   

Proper identification and proof of ownership (i.e. copy of deed, deed of trust, will, utility bill, voter registration certificate, Texas drivers license or ID or other document that includes the address of the property for the year shown) is required for us to consider reissuing the refund to you.  Listings are also available at any GCTO branch location along with the proper application form.  Forms should be emailed to the address above or mailed to:
PO Box 1169
Galveston, Texas 77553    
Only written requests in the form of application or email with proper documents attached will be accepted.  You will be contacted within 10 days of our receipt to discuss the status of your claim.
              Cheryl E. Johnson, Galveston County Tax Assessor Collector

2018 Unclaimed Refund Application Form .pdf2018 Unclaimed Refund Application Form .pdf

2018 Online Unclaimed Refunds Listing.pdf2018 Online Unclaimed Refunds Listing.pdf



 Unclaimed Refunds

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