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 Cheryl  E. Johnson, PCC

Galveston County Tax Assessor Collector
Motto of the Galveston County Tax Office:  The race for quality has no finish line!

 Welcome to the Galveston County Tax Office!  Our mission is to provide exemplary service in a cost efficient manner to all customers.  Since 2005, our team has been dedicated to serving the public and governmental entities with enthusiasm and excellence.  We will continue to focus on improving accountability, the quality of services and aggressively seek ways to lower cost.  We are working smarter and delivering more to you!

                                All Departments                 (877) 766-2284 (toll free)
                                Support Services                (877) 766-2284 (toll free)
              Property Tax                         (409) 766-2481
                                  Voter Registration               (888) 976-2280 (toll free) 
                                                                (409) 766-2280
 Questions?  Call toll free or Email:
Motto of the Galveston County Tax Office:  The race for quality has no finish line!
Customer Service Commandments 
  1.  The customer is never an interruption to our work...the customer IS our work!
  2.   Brighten every customer’s day.  Greet everyone with a smile.
  3.   Whenever possible, call customers by name.
  4.   Project professional courtesy and dignity.
  5.   State things in a positive way.
  6.   Never argue with a customer.
  7.   Always go the extra mile to provide assistance.
  8.   Never say, “I don’t know” without saying,  but I would be more than
           happy to find out!
  9.   Never blame others.
  10.   Never forget our customers pay our salary.
  11.   Be remarkable!




                                 Hot Topics
          PARTY VOTING!
House Bill 25, passed during the 85th Legislative Session, eliminated straight-party voting effective September 1, 2020 (Section 64.004, Texas Election Code). 
If you wish to vote for all of the candidates affiliated with one party, you should
select each candidate one at a time on your ballot.
El Proyecto de Ley 25 de la Camara de Representantes, aprobado durate la 85 Sesion Legislativa, elimino la votacion de partido unico a partir del 1 de septiembre de 2020
(Seccion 64.004, Codigo Electoral de Texas).  Si desea votar por todos los candidatos afiliados a un partido, debe seleccionar a cada candidato uno a la vez en su boleta.
Both Galveston Central and Harris County Appraisal Districts mailed postcards
with a link to view how much your 2020 taxes could be if local governments
adopt the rates they are proposing.  Most governments are now in the process of
adopting rates and all of our entity partner proposed rates have been entered.
For information about the Assessment (calculation) phase please click on the link
above at left "Truth in Taxation".  The names, email addresses and telephone numbers
of every elected official, as well as the official contact information for each government
is posted on that page along with the 2020 tax calculations and public hearing notices
when available.  Also included below are the public hearing schedules. 
PLEASE PARTICIPATE!  ​NOW is the time for you to have the second
greated impact on what your 2020 taxes will be - the first was protesting your
property value!  The transparency of property taxation was transformed with
passage of Senate Bill 2 in the 85th Legislative Session.  Now it is up to you!
    Effectively Protest Your Property Value
Classes are over as is the opportunity to protest the value for 2020 unless there is a substantial error on the part of the CAD.  Prepare for next year by downloading and
reading the booklet.  The spreadsheet posted below is explained in the booklet.  It, in combination with the spreadsheet, provides all of the tools needed to effectively
lower your property value.
                    HEARING SCHEDULE
6/15/2020      5:45 pm   Santa Fe ISD, 4133 Warpath, Santa Fe
8/18/2020       1 pm        GC Emergency Services District #1, 13112 Highway 6 South, Santa Fe
8/20/2020     4:30 pm   Bayview MUD, 309 Miles Road, Bacliff
8/24/2020      6 pm        Clear Creek ISD, Community Room Challenger Columbia Fieldhouse, 1955 W Nasa
                                                    Blvd., Webster
8/24/2020     6:30 pm   Dickinson ISD, Board Room, Education Support Center Bldg., 2218 FM 517 E, Dickinson
8/24/2020     6:30 pm   High Island ISD, 2113  6th Street, High Island
8/24/2020     1:30 pm    College of the Mainland, 1200 Amburn Road, Texas City
8/25/2020     6:30 pm   Hitchcock ISD, 7801 Neville Avenue Bldg B, Hitchcock (and via teleconf
8/25/2020     5:30 pm   Texas City ISD, Education Support Center Boardroom, 1700 9th Avenue N, Texas City
8/26/2020     6:30 pm   Galveston ISD, GISD Admin Bldg, 3904 AVenue T, Galveston
9/1/2020         11 am       GC MUD #39, via teleconference 1-877-336-1839 Access Code 3973612
9/1/2020         Noon        GC MUD 45 via teleconference 1-877-336-1839 Access Code 397612
9/1/2020         1:30 pm   GC MUD 46 via teleconference 1-877-336-1839 Access Code 3973612
9/1/2020         4 pm        GC MUD #44, via teleconference - TBA
9/1/2020         5 pm        GC WCID #1, 2320 Falco Street, Dickinson
9/2/2020        11:30 am  West Ranch Management District via teleconference at 1-888-398-2342 Access Code 5616099#
9/3/2020         2 pm        GC WCID #19, 4618 Crane Street, Hitchcock
9/3/2020        4:45 pm   GC Drainage District #1, 3722 Avenue J, Santa Fe
9/8/2020       11:30 am   South Shore MUD #7, via teleconference at 1-800-201-9352 Access Code 451816
9/8/2020        11 am        Galveston County (& Road & Flood), Room 117, North County Annex, 174 Calder Drive, League
9/8/2020         6 pm        City of League City, 200 W Walker, League City
9/10/2020      10 am       City of Galveston, 823 Roseberg Street, Galveston
9/10/2020      10 am       GC MUD #32, via teleconference at 888-363-4735 Access Code 6275923
9/10/2020       9 am        Tara Glen MUD, via teleconference 888-475-4499 Mtg. ID 5943 4162
9/10/2020       7 pm        City of Santa Fe, 12002 Hgihway 6, Santa Fe
9/14/2020       7 pm        City of Friendswood, 910 S. Friendswood Drive, Friendswood
9/14/2020       6 pm        Bacliff MUD, 4302  12th Street, Bacliff
9/14/2020       7 pm        GC MUD #6 via teleconference at 336-248-7799 Meeting ID 8507072, Passcode 878284
9/15/2020     11:30 am   GC MUD #68 via teleconference at 1-866-434-5269 Access Code 9617275
9/15/2020        6pm        Bayou Vista, Community Center, 783C Marlin, Bayou Vista
9/15/2020      6:30 pm   San Leon MUD,  443  24th Street, San Leon
9/15/2020      6:00 pm   Tiki Island, 747 Tiki Drive, Tiki Island
9/15/2020      6:30 pm    Bayou Vista, GC MUD #12 Building, Reception Hall, second floor, 2929 Highway 6, Bayou Vista
9/15/2020       6 pm        City of La Marque,  1109-B Bayou Road, La Marque (and via teleconference (1-346-248-7799) and 
                                              Zoom (  Meeting ID for both options if 924 9394 0502
9/16/2020      10 am        GC MUD #56 via teleconference at 1-888-363-4734 Access Code 6472076
9/16/2020       3 pm        GC Emergency Services District No. 2, Crystal Beach Fire Station, 930 Noble Carl Drive, Crystal
9/16/2020       5 pm         Fresh Water Supply district #6, 747 Tiki Drive, Tiki Island
9/16/2020       5 pm        City of Texas City, 1801  9th Avenue N, Texas City
9/16/2020       7 pm        City of Kemah, 1401 Highway 146, Kemah
9/16/2020        NOON   Westwood Management District, via Zoom at
                                             pwd=QnhhM21rc2ZvMkpNUU45V0ZDb3NTdz09 or dial in 346-248-7799 Mtg ID 874 8546      
                                             6048, Passcode 390388
9/17/2020      4:30 pm    WCID #8, 12148  15th Street, Santa Fe​
9/17/2020      5:30 pm     Texas City ISD, Education Support Center Boardroom, 1700 9th Avenue N, Texas City
9/18/2020       Noon        GC MUD #66 at 6300 West Loop South, Suite 415, Bellaire
9/21/2020       4 pm         GC MUD #15 via teleconference at 1-877-304-9269 Access Code 576489#
9/21/2020       6 pm         GC MUD #14 via teleconference at 1-877-304-9269 Access Code 576489#
9/21/2020       6 pm         City of Jamaica Beach, 16628 San Luis Pass road, Jamaica Beach
9/28/2020      6 PM         ABOVE GC MUD #12 Public Hearing Rescehduled due to Tropical Storm Beta  
9/21/2020       6 pm         GC MUD #12, Galveston Co. MUD Bldg., 2929 Highway 6, Bayou Vista
9/30/2020      6 PM         ABOVE GC MUD #12 Public Hearing Rescehduled due to Tropical Storm Beta 
9/21/2020       7 pm         GC WCID #12, 905 State Highway 146, Kemah
9/25/2020      2 PM         ABOVE WCID #12 Public Hearing Rescehduled due to Tropical Storm Beta  
9/22/2020      7 pm         City of Dickinson, Dickinson City Hall, 4403 Highway 3, Dickinson
 9/29/2020     6:30 pm  ABOVE Dickinson Public Hearing Rescheduled due to Tropical Storm Beta
9/23/2020      9:30 am   GC MUD #59 via teleconference at 888-363-4734 Access Code 6472076
9/23/2020       Noon       Bay Colony West MUD via teleconference at 1-800-201-9352 Access Code 451816
9/23/2020      5:30 pm   Texas City ISD, Simpson Education Support Center Boardroom, 1700 9th Avenue N, Texas City 
9/28/2020      1:30 pm    College of the Mainland, 1200  Amburn Road, Texas City (2nd public hearing & adoption)
9/28/2020      6 pm         MEETING TO ADOPT THE RATE - CCISD, Community Room, Challenger Columbia          
                                                Fieldhouse, 1955 W. Nasa Blvd, Webster 
10/2/2020      10:30 am   Flamingo Isles MUD, Hitchcock Public Library, 8005 Barry Avenue, Hitchcock OR via 
                                                   teleconference at 1-346-248-7799 Meeting ID 975 1943 1804 Passcode 282416